Tower Cleaning

Cooling Water

Cooling Tower Cleanings

IWT's cleaning services includes:

  • Adding cleaning chemicals and disinfectants to the tower basin.
  • Power washing of hot decks, cold water basins, fill & louvers.
  • Vacuum out hot and cold water basins.
  • Add corrosion inhibitor and biocides to basin for start-up or lay-up for winter months.
  • A cleaning report will be provided upon completion of service.

Cooling Tower Disinfections

Currently Semi-annual only required in NYC

IWT's disinfection services includes:

  • Adding a halogen which is EPA registered for use in cooling towers to achieve at least a 10 ppm free chlorine residual.
  • Maintaining a free chlorine concentration of at least 5 ppm for at least 6 hours.
  • Documenting the entire process and supplying a certificate to owner upon completion.
  • More information on the method can be found in the Cooling Technology Institute's publication┬áLegionellosis Guideline: Best Practices for Control of Legionella, which can be downloaded free at
  • A disinfection report will be provided upon completion of service