Cooling Water

IWT offers a wide range of services for your cooling water needs. We develop plans to fight corrosion, fouling and scale build up. One of the biggest issues faced in the water treatment world is the fight to contain microbiological growth. With these plans in place we will have your systems and equipment running smoothly.

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  • Antifoams
  • Surfactants

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Our Approach to Program Management

The IWT program is designed to conserve energy by increasing the efficiency of heating and cooling equipment. A sound program has THREE parts that each plays an equally important role:

The DESIGN of a program is achieved through a facility survey. The survey points out the overall mechanical design and operation of the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems. Reviewed in the survey are: metallurgy, velocities, temperatures, heat transfer mediums, pressures, cleanliness factors, monitoring techniques, control methods, present conditions, cleaning procedures, water chemistry, and sources of contamination, present treatment and effluent considerations. Each of these areas are integrated to provide optimum results at the least overall cost.

The APPLICATION of a program is achieved through a combination of operator assistance and chemical feed and control equipment. The operator insures that the proper chemical residuals are being maintained by performing simple tests. Also, the operator ensures that the chemical feed equipment is supplied with adequate chemical. The amount of operator involvement is adjusted to the needs of the facility. Feeding and control equipment is used to maintain balanced water chemistry while using the least amount of chemical and water possible.

The CONTROL of a program is achieved by the regular use of meaningful monitoring tools and technical service from IWT field representatives. The monitoring tools used are: corrosion coupons, deposit analyses, water analyses, microbiological analyses, metallographic analyses, and efficiency analyses. IWT technical representatives oversee the program to insure that goals are met.

The ultimate goal is to keep protect the equipment and keep energy costs to a minimum!!!!

IWT Monitoring

So what techniques and tools does IWT use to protect your systems?

We provide a wide range of options depending on the needs of the customer. Each system is unique with its own set of characteristics. Here are several tools we have found to succeed with most of our customers:

Corrosion coupon analysis:

We install coupons within the system that matches your system’s metallurgy. These coupons are left in for a 90-day exposure period. After 90 days, we send them to our metallurgy lab for analysis. The coupons are measured for weight loss and converted to a value that gives you an idea of the extent of ongoing corrosion within the system. Corrosion coupons can be installed in Open Cooling Water or Closed Cooling Water systems.

IWT Oversees the Program with CONTROL

So as we just mentioned, IWT provides value added services that go beyond your typical water treatment provided. We use monitoring techniques and tools to ensure your system is provided maximum protection. Lets discuss these a bit further:

One of the most important aspects for protection of your system is control of the big three:


Each of these plays a significant role in the health of your system. Loss of control of any of these can lead to decreased heat transfer capabilities and reduced life cycle for plant equipment.