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Industrial Water Technologies

Expending Our Resources to Conserve Yours

IWT is a water treatment services provider and technical consulting firm specializing in plant utilities, i.e., pre-treatment, boiler, and cooling water operations.

Our objective is to provide our clients with improved reliability with a reduction in operational and maintenance costs. By providing our customers with state of the art technologies we can independently evaluate plant operational performance and results. Affiliation with industry experts in various engineering and chemical disciplines, provide clients with a comprehensive approach to problem solving. We render a professional audit of current technical practices, products, application, reports and proposals of water treatment service companies, ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of your equipment.

The success of any water management program depends on the ability to design, formulate, apply and control the various facets of the treatment program. Equally important is our ability to work with plant personnel and train them in the programs application and control. We can summarize the above in one word, "SERVICE".

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